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Student Alliance

STUDENT ALLIANCE is a group specifically dedicated to assisting aspiring students, by helping them to get placement at an International University.

For complete peace of mind we facilitate the entire process for our students.

The history of STUDENT ALLIANCE is a very unique one. The founders were amongst the first ever South African students to migrate to Chine in pursuit of knowledge. Subsequently as the years passed by the amount of students flocking to China year after year was substantial.

If we really trace back the origins of STUDENT ALLIANCE, we can take it back to some medical students assisting all the freshmen at the beginning of each academic year and guiding them with all the necessaries. Being the seniors there and having the experience with how everything functions, it was our social responsibility to take care of the new students and also to teach them the things that took us many years to learn on our own.

As the years went on we formed a company to assist aspiring students in a more formal way. We have a passion to assist as many students as we can in as many ways as we can, because we’ve been there and we know what a daunting task it would be without any guidance and assistance.

We prefer to send our students to China because it’s very affordable and also the quality of education is on par with International Standards.

I and all of our Directors have qualified in China and are now medical practitioners in South Africa. We have successfully passed the HPCSA Medical Board Examinations.

Currently there are over 1000 South African students studying Medicine in China. Medicine is our specialty. We have diversified and now offer a variety of courses all offered in English medium and we do facilitate part bursaries for most courses.

Some of the other courses offered in English:

  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Transportation
  • Software
  • Engineering
  • Biological Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  •  Petrochemical Industry
  • International Trade

My brother is currently studying SOFTWARE ENGINEERING in China.


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