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During 2018, The Open Window will be celebrating its 25th year of contributing to the educational sector and creative industries of South Africa. In 1993 The Open Window Art Academy offered art classes in a renovated garage for a handful of students. From these humble beginnings, The Open Window’s consistent quest for excellence resulted in launching the School for Visual Communication which soon became the leader and trendsetter within the field.

Now, as The Open Window Institute for Arts and Digital Sciences, we are poised to venture into the future with our mission to continuously adapt to change and to always remain relevant for industry. Therefore, The Open Window will continue to make critical breakthroughs in curricula and methodologies that will equip our students for the demands of the information age, to ensure the highest possible employability rating.

Our Film Arts degree caters for the booming film-related industries of South Africa by addressing the specific requirements of the digital medium, combining conceptual thinking with traditional techniques as well as providing training in advanced movie-making and animation software.

Students opting to venture into the field of Interaction Design will find themselves in the pioneering business world. Customer experience is adding to the bottom line and success of any organisation that embraces the fast moving arena of interface design.

Our School of Visual Communication remains a platform of cutting-edge technology offering internationally acclaimed designers, illustrators and photographers that excel not only in the world of advertising, but also in production studios across the country and abroad.

The golden thread that has always resonated throughout The Open Window’s existence is its ability to attract top calibre individuals – we are proud of our experienced, qualified and passionate lecturers, our unique, ambitious and versatile students and finally we salute our line of alumni that contribute tremendously to the industry.

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