ELET in partnership with DUT has embarked on a mission to train Youth as Early Childhood Practitioners to fulfil the national agenda. The programme addresses the critical need to provide young Black women access to:   

  • Education & training within the National Qualifications Framework(NQF) of the South African Qualifications Authority(SAQA)
  • Developing skills among unemployed youth and out-of-school matriculation candidates -the programme once successfully completed will create employment for many people.

ELET is an accredited service provider for both ECD level 4 and ECD level 5 courses, which are offered in collaboration with Durban University of Technology (DUT)
Both courses are bear the SAQA Qualification ID: 64650 - National Diploma: Early Childhood Development) and fall within the requirements and mandate of the Further Education & Training Certificate in Early Childhood Development in National Qualifications Framework. These courses serve to equip and empower those citizens of our land who have their community at heart.  A higher certificate in ECD (L4) allows a learner to access employment where that may have had difficulty doing so in the past. After 2 years of practice, the learner is then able to open their own ECD Centre - and so assist their communities by providing employment as well as an education for the future generation.  The Level 5 Diploma equips the student with additional knowledge and skills to enable them to enter the field of education immediately. The course covers all areas of physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development and trains the practitioner in mediating the growth and development of these domains in the ECD phase.  This results in young children who are self-confident, knowledgeable and able to contribute to their environment in a positive manner- and thus uplift their communities.

Since 2015 ELET has offered the NQF L4 & L5 ECD course to students and since graduated many students.

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