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Our objective - our programs are aimed at training people so that they can venture into the world of fashion design and clothing manufacture and create their own business or work in a well established factories or flea markets.
All our objectives are focused on men, women the youth & the unemployed and underdeveloped communities. The institutions focus is on assisting and developing innovative individuals who are committed to contributing towards South Africa's Economic Growth. In this quest the unit strives
• To develop student competence to use the education gained at the School of Fashion for self employment purposes
• To create a paradigm shift from that of “employee to employer”
• To build a passion for business and Fashion.

The School of Fashion Design was established on the 12 February 1965. The Primary focus was to provide marginalized communities in the Midlands region of KwaZulu-Natal with the skills that will clothe the nation. Many of the achievers in the industry are graduates of the School of Fashion Design. We have developed ourselves to meet the more demanding requirements of Education and training. We want to heed the call of quality skills for the Nation. We provide quality training.
The School of Fashion is more excited about the next ten years in education than in its past 52 years of existence. The School of Fashion Design has served the communities as far as Cape Town, Eastern Cape, Pretoria we have students from Africa and other continents

The School offers 40 Hobby Courses. From the courses offered, students will be able to:
a) Open Small Businesses
b) Teach the course
c) Improve their environment
d) Take orders from individuals and companies
e) Supply boutiques
The School of Fashion also offers Catering and Hotel Management.


School Of Fashion Design 
192 Retief Street 
(Corner of Loop & Retief Street) 
Phone : 033 345 4671(b) 
Cell: 082 927 4218
Fax: 086 517 8995 

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