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Umbilo Skills Training Centre (USTC) is a Training and Trade Test Centre that exists to promote a global competitiveness, profitability and sustainability of skills in the industry.

USTC provides specialist support to the industry by uplifting skills development.

We provide apprenticeship training in the major Engineering trades.

We pride ourselves in offering training to the students on the most modern and up to date equipment.

Umbilo Skills Training Centre is situated in 28 Ely Rd, Umbilo, Durban.

We are QCTO and Seta accredited.

QCTO Accreditation number: AC000196NAMB.                             


The vision of this centre is to be one of the leading institutions in the engineering industry to train the worker and learners from colleges. Our main aim is to facilitate those companies that do not have any training facilities, but wish to improve the quality of worker and the standard of work that is expected from their customers.

The mission of this centre is to redress the past unfair discrimination in training and provide the best equipment and the latest technology for the learner to advance himself/herself in the industry. We are introducing him/her to the working environment, by taking them out of the classroom and teaching them how to implement the knowledge that they have learnt in theory.

The objective is to create a skills centre that is recognized for their high standards, and to provide quality service.


The trade test certificate is issued by NAMB (Old Olifantsfontein) and is the Section 26, no more section 13 or 28.



Apprenticeships however cover many other aspects of training where there is a specific outcome identified and where there is a combination of practical training, theoretical training and on the job experience. Apprenticeships will take time to develop and be industry specific in the first instance, but over time those that are of a generic nature will become nationally recognized.

Umbilo Skills Centre, as a training provider, will form part of the training process for those apprenticeships applicable to skills/technical training in the appropriate trades. We would also be available for advice on developing the practical/technical aspects of the apprenticeship.


A pre-assessment will be done to evaluate the candidate’s abilities, knowledge and experience. From this exercise the Assessor will establish what level of training is required before he/she does a Trade Test.


Bookings can be made telephonically or electronically. There is no specific course dates as we accommodate the individuals with their work timetable.


Whilst under training, students are obliged to adhere to the procedures and rules of Umbilo Skills Centre.

In the event of absenteeism or severe breaches of discipline the employer will be advised immediately.


Students are required to wear the correct PPE at all times.


Apprentices/Learners are expected to arrive with their own tool kits.


At the end of a course companies will be sent a detailed report on individual students. In most cases these will make recommendations regarding further training. Monthly reports for first year apprentices are on a “recommended for further training”, “recommendation withheld” or “not recommended” basis. This is to assist those organizations that have not yet indentured their apprentices. If at the end of the course the apprentice is “not recommended” we are basically asking you not to indenture the individual.

Only students who successfully pass a course are issued with certificates. This is based on competency or not yet competent basis.


These tests are now compulsory for trade test entry and can be conducted as a service to assist employers in deciding what level their employees are at and what training is required. They must be arranged at least a week in advance and the person being assessed must report by 08h30 on the given day and should bring their ID document.

This evaluation is scheduled over a period of one day where as a detailed report will be submitted to the company.

Training Schedules   Training is done in accordance with the apprentice training schedule.

Training is also done for company’s specific needs and requirements.


Hours of training are as follows:

Full-time:       Monday to Thursday                                   8:00am - 4:00pm

                        Friday                                                        8:00am - 2:00pm

Part-time:      Monday and Wednesday evening              4:00pm - 8:00pm

                        Saturday                                                   8:00am - 1:00pm

Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact us:

Tel:                031-2060063/5

Fax:               0866 849 186



Mr. W P Glendon


Miss A F Fisher

Training Centre Manageress

Directors: W P Glendon, A F Fisher

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