Effective Team Leadership using Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

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About the course

Emotional intelligence (EQ) in a manager is the ability to manage your own emotions, and recognise the emotional needs of your team and manage them accordingly. It is also a vital part of Leadership Development within any organisation.

Emotionally intelligent managers are able to deal with difficult employees, a demanding boss, rapid changes in the workplace and unexpected problems while keeping a level head and a self-confident attitude.

This intensive 2 day Effective Team Leadership using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) course will equip all who attend with surprisingly simple, yet effective ways to deal competently with current and future issues in the workplace. You will discover your current level of EQ, and receive techniques for managing staff in an EQ astute manner.

Your comprehensive programme includes:

  • Defining and understanding EQ, emotional competence and their impact on leadership and motivation
  • Discovering the 6 cornerstones of emotional competence and how to use this framework to assess your own emotional intelligence
  • Using EQ to communicate intelligently and assertively
  • Building intelligent relationships – using EQ for managing conflict, team performance and managing generation or culture gaps
  • Gaining practical ways to use EQ to motivate and drive a team or an organisation’s performance
  • Becoming the champion driving the development of an emotionally intelligent organisation


There are currently no new dates advertised for this course

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