DBA Degree

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  • Field of interest Business & Management
  • Location Eastern Cape
  • Type Part Time
  • Qualification Degree
  • Duration Minimum two and maximum six years.
  • Price Registration & Programme Fee: R20 658.00


About the course

DBA explained

The DBA degree does not include a taught component for credit and is assessed solely on the basis of a thesis that is presented for examination. The thesis is examined by three external examiners, who are approved by our Faculty Management Committee on the basis of formal criteria. The DBA is awarded in recognition of the demonstration of high-level research competence that results in a substantial and original scholarly contribution in a business discipline or field.

Admission Requirements

The entrance requirement for the DBA is an MBA (MBL or a Masters completed in a Business Faculty also acceptable) from an accredited higher education institution with an overall average pass mark of 60% for the MBA as well as a treatise (mini-thesis) pass mark of 60% as a prerequisite. 

Submissions not complying with these requirements will not be considered.  Candidates who have not done a treatise/mini-dissertation/research project as part of their Masters degree will not be considered for the DBA programme.


The duration of the degree is minimum two and maximum six years. Appeals for extension can be made to the Faculty Management Committee and Post Graduate Committee via the Business School.

Application Deadlines

2020 Application Season Starts: 1 April 2019

Application Deadlines: 

Deadlines for students to submit research proposals to the Business School:

  • 31 July 2019
  • 1 November 2019


Once you have considered the DBA admission criteria and feel qualified to apply for the DBA programme, you can begin the application process:
We can only accept certified copies of electronic documents.
If you are alumni of the University, we must receive permission from you to request your documentation (academic records, etc.) from our main admissions department.

Please ensure you give us your correct NMMU/UPE/Vista/PE Technikon student number.  VERIFY RECEIPT OF APPLICATION SUBMISSION WITH THE BUSINESS SCHOOL:  It is critical that you contact the Nelson Mandela University Business School once you’ve submitted an application.

Your submission can be verified by emailing: bsapplications@mandela.ac.za  or calling us on 041 – 504 4047/3777 if we do not acknowledge receipt of your application.

Application Process


Once you’ve completed the online Postgraduate Application Form, you will receive an SMS or email stating that you’ve applied. You will also receive a student number as well as a pin that will allow you to upload all your documentation and track the progress of your application.

The certified documentation that we require:

Additional for International Students only:

  1. Complete the online Business School Application Form by clicking on this link
  2. Complete the online Postgraduate Application Form by clicking on this link.
  3. Certified copy of your Identification Document
  4. Certified copy of your Qualification 
  5. Certified copy of your Academic Record/Transcript
  6. Certified copy of your School Leaving Certificate
  7. Marriage Certificate (female applicants only – if applicable)
  8. Masters treatise/thesis completed
  9. Proposal
  10. Comprehensive CV

Additional for International Students only:

  1. English proficiency certificate (if applicable)
  2. Proof of payment of R500.00 application fee (non-refundable)

PLEASE NOTE: An application will be considered ‘incomplete’ if any of these above documents are outstanding.

Once you have submitted all the required documents, your application will be reviewed to ensure that you meet the minimum application criteria. You will receive a notification of the first review evaluation.

If you meet the minimum requirements, your proposal will be circulated to the Business School Research Committee. If your proposal is deemed at a DBA level and within our supervisors’ research areas, you will receive notification from our Research Office.

Please see Application Process for the full application process that will be followed by the University. 


Start date Location / delivery
No fixed date Nelson Mandela University Business School

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