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• Introduction to PC*

• Windows*

• Word Processing*

• Presentation Graphics*

• Spreadsheets*

• Understanding the Internet*

• Outlook*

• General Office Practice*

• Principles of Customer Service*

• Keyboarding Numeracy

• Typing Skills for the Executive Secretary**

• Typing Speed Development**

• Audio Typing**

• Introduction to Business Accounting (FMI)***

• Practical Bookkeeping 1 (FMI)***

• Practical Bookkeeping 2 (FMI)***


All modules are compulsory unless otherwise specified and must be passed.

*Formative Assessments are undertaken and the highest grade achieved in Formative Assessment is retained. The final grade is based on the Summative Assessment only. A maximum of one (1) additional supplementary assessment opportunity is provided for the Summative Assessment, which will be charged for.

**Keyboarding and Typing modules require the Learner to achieve a stipulated word-per-minute (wpm) typing speed (as stipulated for each module) and in some instances require an additional Summative Assessment. Word-per-minute targets are practice-led assessment formats whereby the Learner continues until the required wpm speed is maintained. Where an additional Summative Assessment is prescribed, the final grade is based on the Summative Assessment as well as the attainment of the wpm typing speed requirement. A maximum of one (1) additional supplementary assessment opportunity is provided for these Summative Assessments, which will be charged for.

***Formative Assessments are for practice purposes in order to prepare for the Summative Assessment. The final grade is based on the Summative Assessment only. A supplementary Summative Assessment opportunity is available and will be charged for.

Membership and Assessment Fees to FMI will be charged separately.



Logical | Technical | Patient



• Ability to operate effectively in the workplace using a number of Windows-based end-user applications

• Understanding of the operational environment

• Ability to demonstrate an understanding of customer service

• Ability to operate computers in the business environment

• Competence in the duties of an executive secretary

• Competence as an assistant bookkeeper



Grade 11 Certificate; or National Certificate (Vocational) L3; or equivalent qualification OR Learners can apply for RPL entry into the Programme from the Academic Committee at Boston Head Office.




On successful completion the Learner will be issued:

An Assistant Bookkeeper Skills Programme with a total of 38 credits on NQF L4/5 from FASSET SETA

A Boston Short Learning Programme Executive Secretary Financial



To progress, complete the modules Business English, Principles of Business Communication and Business Mathematics for admission ito RPL to a Boston Short Learning Programme or an Occupational Qualification of which either has a Grade 12 Certificate or equivalent qualification as the entry requirement. Each submission is individually evaluated, hence neither admission nor advanced placement is assured.

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