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About the course

OBJECTIVES The objective of this course is to train Engineers and technicians to understand Basic Refrigeration and Airconditioning methods. WHO IS THE COURSE FOR? This course is intended for anyone working with Refrigeration and Airconditioning systems 

WHAT WILL I LEARN ON THIS COURSE? The following topics will be covered:

1. Current modes of practice.

2. Health & Safety requirements.

3. Nitrogen Welding

4. Leak and pressure testing.

5. Airconditioning Refrigerant properties

6. Charging of Refrigerant into Refrigeration & Airconditioning systems.

7. System analysing & commissioning.

8. Service & Maintenance of systems

9. Installation of Airconditioning system

10.Compressor change repairs 11. Fridge Repairs / leak repairs

12. Superheat / Fault finding 


Start date Location / delivery
No fixed date 53 Blackburn Road Parkhill , Durban North

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