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Mind-body awareness and following a more holistic and balanced lifestyle is not only a trend but is becoming a necessity in today’s competitive life.

Becoming a trained mind-body teacher that is knowledgeable and specialised is rare and in demand.

Trifocus Fitness Academy is offering you an opportunity to now become a mind-body specialist by not only mastering the art of Yoga and Pilates but having a fundamental knowledge of the human body; how it responds to exercise and the ability to advise clientele on proper nutritional principles.

This course includes Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Yoga, condensed Pilates and Exercise Science certification into one amazing course for you!

Having all this knowledge and skill will not only give you a cutting edge over your peers- but allow you to branch out and acquire an array of different clientele from all walks of life.

After completion of the qualification you will be able to teach Yoga and Pilates with ease and confidence and to have deep knowledge on how the human body operates in accordance with exercise.  This skill will allow you to work in all commercial or private health clubs and studios as well as open a practice of your own!


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