Master of Business Administration

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About the course

Within the context of the REGENT Business
School (RBS) MBA Philosophy, the RBS MBA
curriculum aims at developing a student’s
intellectual ability, executive personality and
managerial skills through an appropriate
blending of business and multi-disciplinary
education. The MBA curriculum provides
students with a comprehensive management
education of globally recognised best
practices with flexibility of their adaptation
to indigenous entrepreneurial and societal
context. The curriculum of the programme
ascends from general management education
to specialisation in diverse business fields.
General management skills like oral and
written communication, decision-making,
leadership, and teamwork developed
among the students at the initial level of the
programme will provide them with a solid
foundation for more advanced studies at the
elective level during subsequent stages. Core
modules taught integrate information and
theories from various disciplines, including
communication, economics,
accounting, quantitative methods,
marketing, finance, organisational structure
and strategic management. The RBS MBA
prepares students to think critically about
business issues in order to enable them to
develop strategic level understanding and
demonstrate comprehension of complex
theoretical constructs in the major business

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