Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Finance and Banking

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About the course

The course is aimed at providing a deeper understanding of both
Islamic Finance and Banking and is intended for graduates. The course
discusses the concepts of Islamic Finance and prohibitions in terms
of financial transactions and also the application of these concepts
in the real world of finance. The prohibitions have broad implications
in structuring contracts dealing with financial transactions including
investments in line with the rules and processes laid down by the
Shari’ah. Students will also develop analytical skills and discuss the
causes of failures of financial regulation and policies.
The purpose of this programme is to equip students with the
necessary knowledge, skills and abilities in order to further their
understanding of Islamic Finance and Banking in all forms. It is aimed
at providing deeper understanding of Islamic Banking and Finance
vis-à-vis Conventional Banking. This programme will also assist
practitioners in developing a much needed Islamic secondary financial market. 

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