Time Management

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About the course

Time management has become more critical but more
difficult with the rapid advance of electronic information
sharing and the need for much wider consultation on all
sorts of issues. Technology enables us to acquire and
process vast amounts of information very quickly, so the
ability to evaluate, prioritise, delegate and make
decisions is crucial. This course equips people with a
range of techniques for managing short- and mediumterm
time pressures, so they can organise their lives and
deal with typical time management problems.

Upon successful completion of this programme, learners
should have

  • A mind-set, that values time, in the workplace and life in general
  • An appropriate time management approach
  • A time management code of conduct
  • The ability to apply the Pareto principle
  • The ability to apply the four-quadrant time management matrix
  • Personal role management
  • Time management and character
  • Various time management tools

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