Cyber Security Course

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About the course

Welcome the Introduction to Cyber Security Online Short Course. The emphasis on economic enhancement over the past century, together with the rapid and constant evolution of cyberspace, opened the doors to good and bad. The increasing prevalence of cyberattacks on both individuals and businesses impacts every community, in every possible way. Such activity continues to result in cybercrimes e.g. identity theft, financial crimes and even harm to human and animal life. Such a global threat emphasises the need for trained cyber security officers within society.

This short course will assist and guide you in understanding the history and future outlook of cyberspace, what cyber security is and the various approaches to practise cyber security. The course will, amongst other goals: identify cyber security challenges and the main causes of cyber security gaps; identify the strategies taken around the world; identify the importance of cyber security for business domains and finally we will draw a close to this course by identifying social media problems and by sharing the life skills that need to be practiced in cyberspace.

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