Professional Certificate of Competency in Practical Python for Engineers and Technicians

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About the course

This Three-Month Program is Delivered via EIT's Innovative LIVE ONLINE Approach.

Python is extraordinarily good at being an all-purpose programming language — a veritable Swiss Army Knife language able to handle a vast range of tasks from general-purpose programming to detailed control of hardware. It is such a powerful language because it requires less supporting code; it speeds up the development cycle, and it makes any debugging a breeze. As an interpreted language, it is considerably more comfortable to work with and fix on the fly, rather than a low-level language like C. Upon completion of this program you will:

  • Boost your engineering career with  21st Century programming skills
  • Understand Python basics and apply them to solve engineering problems
  • Write effective and clean code
  • Write automation scripts to solve complex problems quickly
  • Use key tools: Anaconda, NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib
  • Manipulate data for use with spreadsheets and databases
  • Build simple models and simulations
  • Create visualizations, graphical plots and schematics to showcase your output


Python is an object-oriented generic programming language that is particularly suited to the modern world. It is an excellent choice for introducing fundamental programming concepts as it reduces the complexity of problem-solving by hiding the intricate arcane detail ‘under the hood.’ Python can do in a single line what many programming languages require multiple lines of code to achieve.

It is now increasingly used in the automation and embedded systems world. In 2018, for the second year, the largest engineering society in the world, IEEE listed Python as the number one programming language (even ahead of such venerable languages as C and C++). Specific tasks for Python range from testing, data collection, and automation.

Duration and Time Commitment

There is a considerable amount of useful practical material to cover in this three-month course. To ensure you get the maximum value from the course, we provide highly interactive webinar sessions where the instructor covers the key elements of the course in a web conferencing format. These live webinars last for approximately 90 minutes, including class discussions. Successful students are likely to spend between 5-8 hours per week getting to know the course content. This includes attending the weekly webinars.


Participants who achieve at least 60% in each assignment and complete all weekly homework, plus attend 65% of the live webinars will receive the EIT Certificate of Competency in Practical Python for Engineers and Technicians.



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