Prioritising Workload

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  • Field of interest Lifeskills
  • Location Gauteng
  • Type Full Time
  • Qualification Skills Enhancement

About the course

Workload Prioritisation

Based on SAQA's Unit Standard 15234, NQF Level 5, 4 Credits | 4 OPSA CPD Points


Time is a limited and expensive resource that requires as much, if not better, management than money. If time is money, how many people in business would spend it so unwisely and freely, without any focused pre-planning, prioritising or forecasting of the return on investment? In today's busy business world, many are still forced to do just that because they don't have the time to change their behaviour.

This practical and intensive two-day course is for those who want to take more control of their workloads by organising tasks, people and themselves more effectively.

Course Outline

Managing Your Job

  • Managing yourself and the resources at your disposal
  • Defining your objectives and key result areas
  • Establishing responsibilities and priorities

Practical Time Management and Planning Activities

  • Effective use of diaries, time planners, time logs, etc.
  • Criteria for prioritising – urgent and important
  • Planning and scheduling your activities
  • Dealing with interruptions and distractions – staying focused
  • Managing time under pressure
  • Developing aproactive approach to short,medium and long termplans

Managing Yourself

  • Investing time and effortin orderto achieve more in the future
  • Your time management behaviour – preferred working styles
  • Personal effectiveness – a guide to self-discipline
  • Highlighting personal ‘time-stealers’ and areas of weakness

Managing Others and Meetings

  • Managing people managers, colleagues, team members and customers
  • Getting more things done through assertive behaviour
  • Makingthe most of meetings as participant or chairperson

Effective Delegation

  • The rules of effective delegation – overcoming personal preferences and prejudices
  • Using delegationas ameansof co-ordinating theworkloadof yourteam/department
  • Delegation – freeing up your time and developing staff

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