Secretarial Development Programme

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  • Field of interest Lifeskills
  • Location Gauteng
  • Type Full Time
  • Qualification Skills Enhancement

About the course

Development Programme for Office Professionals (Secretary/PA)

Based on SAQA's Unit Standard 110021, NQF Level 4, 6 Credits


As you become more efficient at your job, you become more crucial to your manager's and your organisation's success. But you're also building a foundation for your own career growth!

This intensive course will equip you with the skills and know-how you need to make your job easier and more fulfilling, give your boss peace of mind, and set the stage for a rewarding and successful career.

Course Objectives

  • Discover how to take initiative: look beyond the obvious and don't be afraid to extend your boundaries
  • Maximise productivity: work effectively and competently to enlarge on every possibility
  • Continually look for new ways in which to expand your horizons within your role
  • Develop the right attitude: adopt a positive attitude that makes you a pleasant colleague and employee
  • Be a team player and maximise the productivity of your team
  • Focus on time management: be punctual and plan your day well
  • Communicate effectively and confidently with your manager and colleagues
  • Write professional correspondence with less instruction
  • Maintain integrity: always do the right thing

Course Outline

The Professional Role of the Secretary/PA

  • Understanding your organisation and your role within the team
  • Setting objectives
  • Fulfilling your role and objectives

Working with Your Manager and Team

  • How you and your manager can become a world-class team
  • Understanding social styles to maximise interpersonal understanding
  • The importance of communication within the team
  • Using your initiative and enlarging on every possibility
  • Problem-solving with teams and managers

Effective Time Management

  • Assessing your time management skills
  • Prioritising your workload but maintaining flexibility
  • Differentiating between urgency and importance
  • Planning and scheduling

Maximising your Organisational Skills

  • The portrait of an organised secretary
  • Establishing effective systems
  • Organising meetings, events and conferences – checklist

Communicating Confidently with Your Manager and Team

  • Understanding communication as the most important skill for business
  • Developing effective one-on-one communication skills
  • Effective use of body language
  • Enhancing your listening skills
  • Professional communication on the telephone
  • Boosting confidence through assertiveness

Writing Professionally

  • Writing effective correspondence – all the do's and don'ts
  • Writing effectively with little instruction

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