Advanced Diploma in Transportation Management

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Advanced Diploma in Transportation Management
The purpose of the AdvDip (Transportation Management) is to provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of Transportation Management for prospective students who are currently middle managers, or aspire towards middle management, in order to apply the principles of transport management in their working environment. 
The programme makes provision for the development of knowledge and applied competence related to transport policy and legislation, transport planning and management, logistics processes and practices, project management and transport operations and costing.  
The inclusion of research methodology and a research project, as well as a practical simulation module in which students will be required to apply their acquired theoretical knowledge to current industry-related challenges, offers students the opportunity to balance theory and practice.
The exit-level outcomes of the AdvDip (Transportation Management) programme are aligned with the level descriptors stipulated on Level 7 of the NQF, since students are required to apply theoretical knowledge to complex problems and to present such application as a well-structured argument using academic discourse. Each module in the AdvDip (Transportation Management) programme contributes to achieving Level 7 level descriptors, because students are expected to demonstrate integrated knowledge of the central areas of one or more fields:
  • Identify, analyse, evaluate, critically reflect on and address complex problems; manage processes in unfamiliar and variable contexts
  • Develop their own ideas and express them using appropriate academic, professional or occupational discourse
Admission Requirements: 
  • An appropriate Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree. An applicant must hold a relevant NQF Level 6 qualification or an equivalent NQF level 6 International qualification with Transportation as major module.
  • Alternatively, an applicant must have completed the UJ bridging programme for entering the Advanced Diploma in Transportation Management.
  • A SAQA equivalence certificate must be provided for international qualifications equivalent to NQF 6 Level for admission.


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