The SWOT analysis for Phoenix College


Excellent academic achievement
Good management
Staff commitment

Limited finances
Lack of education facilities

Unlimited need for education

A reduced level of government funding
The present economic environment.

Comments on the SWOT analysis

With limited finances and a lack of education facilities, excellent academic results are being achieved through good management and high levels of staff commitment.

Although there is an almost insatiable need for education, the changing government funding model for independent schools is putting the future of independent schools at risk.Continual changes to  the National Norms and Standards for School Funding is creating challenges as the learner pass requirements to obtain a subsidy are being increased while many schools that manage to retain their subsidy have seen the ‘real’ amount reduced

The present system of paying a subsidy based on the previous year’s headcount is  illegal and will limit the growth of schools, or lower the standard of education, neither of which is in the national interest.

The Need for Additional Income.

The education department acknowledges the fact that many “low fee independent schools” cannot survive with the present financial model and has since 1998 been advising schools to create additional income streams or to seek sponsorships from private commercial enterprises.

The education department currently pays a public school 100% of all the essential expenses that it requires. This includes rental, operating expenses, salaries plus a 100% subsidy per learner to cover learner support material (LSM)

As shown below, an independent school such as Phoenix College is paid a far lesser amount than a public school whilst the funding norms dictate that it must obtain results that are better than those obtained by public schools in order to obtain the government subsidy.

Phoenix College