IQ Academy: Stand strong, together.

iQ Academy is a specialised distance Private Higher Education Institution (PHEI) that serves students throughout South Africa. iQ Academy offers various accredited distance learning programmes in the business disciplines such as Business Management, Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. iQ Academy further specialises in skills development through a range of short learning programmes, in the business disciplines.

In 2018, we began the process of innovating and fast tracking the redevelopment of our academic programmes and introducing new curricula to ensure we remain on the leading edge of educational development in our market. In 2019 the first of our new curricula and learning solutions will be rolled out. These curricula are designed to meet the demands of a 21st Century job market. To enable our innovation, iQ Academy has been undergoing both an organisational and digital transformation process. The digital transformation has been about capacitating the organisation with new technology infrastructure to ready ourselves for the 4th industrial revolution. This transformation process will allow us to better deliver curricula and service our students through technology enhanced ways. We believe that in this transformation we will unlock significant value for our students.

We believe that education holds the power to positively change the world we live in, for today and for future generations. That power to change, is within each of us and it is our responsibility to realise it through lifelong learning and personal growth. Think of education as a powerful gift, that can transcend generations whether, you give that gift to a child or to yourself, the change it brings in people can only be described as inspiring.

Education within the South African context plays a critical role in every sphere of our society and economy, it is one of the central factors for success as a nation. The prosperity of our country is driven by a stable political environment and economic growth. The prosperity of our citizens is driven by basic human rights, safety, job creation and social wellbeing. We believe that access to quality education at all levels, is the key to success in the fight against poverty in South Africa and to improve the sustainable economic capacity of our citizens. Education is a key driver of social change within our communities.

We understand what a commitment it is to study further, and the investment required both personally and financially. That is why our mission at iQ Academy is to provide affordable and accessible education that is relevant and empowers you. Central to our mission is to generate real continuous value for our students and one way we are achieving betterment is through our focus on holistic development of our students. In 2019 we will launch our range of life micro courses that are designed to enrich our student journey in what we believe are essential areas within the new world of work. Our life supplementary courses will be free for all our new and our existing students.

As we say at iQ Academy, Ukwazi Ukuzimela. Stand strong, together.

IQ Academy