Open Learning Group actively enables prospective students

Paul Repetto once said: “Enablement is the key to closing the gap between intention and action”.

Research has shown that with quality education, individuals are better equipped to compete in today’s tough work environment. Additionally, a solid tertiary education provides one with a number of key advantages, including:

  • Gaining factual knowledge.
  • Learning how to deal with other people and solve problems.
  • Becoming more competitive and standing out from the crowd.
  • A major driver behind personal financial freedom.
  • Wider opportunities for career options.
  • Fulfillment of self-actualisation needs.

These are all very strong reasons for prospective students to get a tertiary education and propel their career and lives forward. 

Countries with better-educated citizens are more equipped to deal with new challenges and technological advances. Technology goes one step further than just hardware in that it enables learning. Technology also consists of the designs and the environments that engage learners, moving into the technology-as-partner space.

Open Learning Group (OLG), a premier distance learning institution with a blended mode of delivery, has taken things to the next level. Aside from the institution being fully accredited, affordable, accessible and using innovative teaching and learning methodologies; they are driving into a new space of enabling students. OLG aims to become an enabler of choice, by not only equipping students to lead an enabled life through the range of quality qualifications offered by the institution, but also by offering students a free tablet plus data if they register for a full qualification at OLG. This is in line with the institution’s value of providing dedicated student support and their belief that students who study at their institution should have the opportunity to do so utilising the correct tools. This innovative offering from OLG shows that the institution is an industry leader, not only because it believes in the power of education, but also because it believes in the power of technology.

Open Learning Group currently provides courses in key areas of study namely logistics, supply chain management, finance, commerce, teaching, education, management and leadership. The institution also offers a plethora of short courses and corporate training and development programmes.

Interested students can call 011 670 4800, email or SMS “Assist Me” to 39133 to get more details.  A full list of OLG’s qualifications can be located at