Open Window campus

The Open Window campus is situated in the charming leafy suburb of Southdowns in Centurion. Open Window is accredited with the Council on Higher Education and provides cutting-edge and progressive education in the fields of Visual Communication, Design, Film and Interaction Arts. Through a blended mode of delivery integrating conceptual thinking, academic rigour and practice-led research, students are skilled in a variety of media and practices related to the Arts and Digital Sciences. Open Window courses include Honours Degrees, BA Degrees, One Year Programmes and Short Course Combos. Our Film Arts degree caters for the booming film related industries of South Africa by addressing the specific requirements of the digital medium, combining conceptual thinking with traditional techniques as well as providing training in advanced movie-making and animation software. Students opting to venture into the field of Interaction Design will find themselves in the pioneering business world. Customer experience is adding to the bottom line and success of any organisation that embraces the fast moving arena of interface design. Our School of Visual Communication remains a platform of cutting-edge technology offering internationally acclaimed designers, illustrators and photographers that excel not only in the world of advertising, but also in production studios across the country and abroad. Today’s complex world of design calls for diverse graduates who are well versed in a range of disciplines. Open Window’s uniquely designed, multi-disciplinary approach will give any student the platform to initially experiment and explore their own skills under the guidance of our skilled, qualified and passionate academic team. Our lecturers are Open Window students are highly sought after in industry as they have a firm academic foundation, as well as practical exposure by the time they graduate. Open Window strives to be the pre-eminent, preferred educator in the creative sphere globally and a benchmark in creative tertiary education in South Africa. Visit for more information. 

Open Window